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small batch // homemade // handpiped // custom // macarons

For those inquiring about macaron tower rentals, the sizing ranges from 5 tiers (approx 60 macas) to 10 tiers (approx 225 macas). There is a $100 partially refundable deposit that is taken upon ordering and we handle it in the following ways:

Option 1: If you are to assemble it yourself, pick up and return the tower to back in store, then the net fee is $40 ($60 back upon return).

Option 2: If you would like us to assemble, a delivery and assembly charge will be assessed based on location. Return would still have to be in store, or we can provide shipping labels. The refund portion of the deposit will vary based on delivery and assembly charge plus cost of shipping (if applicable).

Option 3: If option 1 or 2 are chosen, but the tower is not returned back in its original condition, the $100 deposit is then marked as non refundable in order to cover the cost of replacing the rental tower.